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In The Visible Light, Imaging In The Infinite


Lighting The Colorful World

Intelligent cabin lighting

Immersive driving experience, accompanied by intelligent lights

As a new application scenario, intelligent cockpit has more needs for interaction, art, personality, brand DNA and lighting. Such as point, line and surface light sources; Such as the lighting effects of flow, chasing, breathing, brilliance, starlight and fireworks; Such as IP, door panel, central console, ceiling atmosphere lamp, reading lamp, footlight, glove box lamp, etc

Safe driving lights

Lighting security, for yourself, and others

With the trend of L2 + automatic driving, there are more requirements for safety, prompt, lighting, interaction and signal. Such as personalized decorative lights, projection lights for interactive lighting, digital lights for people vehicle dialogue, clear and timely brake lights, fog lights penetrating rain and fog, reversing lights without hindrance, steering lights for safety tips, etc

Intelligent control terminal

The lights are on with you and driving is under your control

As a new life scene, the controller of intelligent vehicle is strongly related to actuators and sensors on the edge nodes. Integrate touch, force sensing, camera, RF and other sensing functions with lamps, motors and other executive functions; Products such as lamp controller, seat controller, smart antenna, T-box, domain control and other terminals


Rebo,Enlightening Mobility

Charging indicator

Ruibo USA is developing this product and has completed the sample development

Intelligent cabin atmosphere lamp

Luminous panels are widely used in door panels, IP and central console

Luminous vehicle logo

In order to make the vehicle logo have better recognition the concept of luminous vehicle logo is introduced

Global Layout

Rebo optoelectronics is a global manufacturing and R & D layout of automotive small lamp parts industry leader, committed to providinhigh-quality products and services for global automotive customers



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